Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Store that doesn't look like a store

Not all stores have to be in buildings with ceilings. This store just reopened after a redesign...pods like ancient temples. The store is in a large box that is colored green. There are big open spaces between the pods that have seating areas. The pods are arrayed around a central plaza with the main teleport landing spot and some ponds and fountains.

And yeah..that's me in the cowboy hat in one of the pictures.

A fair - the Zombie Popcorn Carnival

The Zombie Popcorn Carnival is closing today. It's a followup to the Zombie Popcorn Hunt earlier this year. A lot of the same stores pulled together in one spot.  Here's the SLURL:

I went earlier and forgot to go back. Took a lot of pictures. A variety of display options. And they had carnival rides, a maze in the fun house, and cotton candy. And a big soap bubble you can sit in (see one of the pics near the bottom of the post.

Most of the stores are set up in small tents. the ones below are stand alone in the middle of hte grass. There's also a ring of tents around the edge of the carnival field. They're small, small, small. Room for a few pictures, a few props. The one below for some reason had a pink hot rod.

Here I am standing in one of the tents..seems bigger when ya get inside (hmm..tardis tents?) This store has some items ont eh wall in small photos, a few medium size photos. and then a stepped set of shelves on the floor with lots of tiny pictures of products for sale.

Another tent with small images...and that's about all - just stuff on the back wall.

I just liked this tent. Fit in the carnival theme. Clowns. Scary clowns.

This little tent had a sign to go to the main store, they'd covered the floor with their store image, and covered pretty much every inch of the walls with product images. This store is in the row of shops along the edge of the field.

Promised ya carnival rides...

Another big store with some interesting display options

Champs Elysees Paris Arc de TriompheImage via Wikipedia

Strolling down the Champs Elysees in SL is a lot like strolling down the real thing. On the side is a picture of the real thing. Your feet hurt by the time you're half way through and you can see the Arc de Triomphe. And there are some great shops. Fortunately no cars or traffic in SL.

Here are a couple of pictures I took standing on the street. The first shows a couple of the stores - notice the one has put large images of their clothes int he window to attract people walking on the street.

The second is just a long shot of the street. There are cafes on the sidewalk, French flags, long vistas, and the Arc de Triomphe at the end of the street.

Here some pictures of one of the stores - fashion design, lingerie - called  Elemiah- a big store that's open and light and has some interesting

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Second Life

It's birthday #7 for SecondLife. I'll add some pics as i check out the many sims involved

Here are some pics of the main auditorium..Philip and M Linden are both speaking here this week. Life music performers will be here too.

See those little spots in the blue center? Thos are the people. The roof is transparent..That's us all sitting waiting for Philip Linden on Monday, about 40 minutes after the sims opened. There's about 100 people waiting.

A pic of the people around the stage

Here's Philip Linden on the right - - the man who hasn't updated his look since 2003 I don't think

And a close up - check out those pants!1

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Some more pictures

Some interesting product displays

THis store is called scribble - very monochromatic displays and decorations. The lobby/landing area is pretty much all black and shades of gray. I like the mannequins that you can see in the 2nd picture. They don't display clothes, they're just standing around.

The clothes at this store are the color. Many products are displayed on boards like you see in the next two pictures. The customer can pick out the color they want or they can buy what's called a fatpack - you get all the colors at a discount.

Beesides the boards with the color/fabric swatches as seen above, some products are displayed in niches and on shelves as seen below.

This store also has the wall of pictures kind of display that I've seen elsewhere. Their displays are different in that many of the images are "scribbled on" or seem hand drawn.


And another way to display - with little mannequin statues - gotta love the blue on the walls. That is the happiest color on the planet I think.

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A very small fair


Minimal Store

The store is called Salt. A nice big building but very little inside..and a second floor that was entirely empty. I"m not sure what to make of store, store going out of business, store being redesigned.

It is really, really, really white - I mean like glow int he dark white. I did like the plants at the base of some of the columns - but kind of contributed to the abandoned store feel

In this picture you can see the fish pond that is right inside the front door and one of the few touches of color in the store, then a sign advertising the group gift, and then on the walls, panels with the items currently available - summery dresses. The group gift is a nice marketing tool - sort of a reward for letting the store send the customer periodic announcements and promotions. Most groups are free to join, but a few, where the store gives out really good or really frequent gifts, cost several hundred Lindens to join.

The panels on the wall in this fourth shot are the store's sale items - jeans and tshirts.