Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big..i mean BIG .... stores

I'm checking out different stores..trying to get some ideas for a project (see some notes about it a few posts down the page). So today for some reason a bunch of the stores i ended up in were humongous..that's a scientific term meaning really really honking big. Warehouse big. Echoes thru the space big.

Here are some pictures from Curious Kitties..a Japanese store. Big space, big signs, lots of space for avatars to move around.

This first picture shows one particular outfit for sale.It has a big picture of it in one color and then small pics/buttons on the left that you could click to get the dress in different colors. The dress was marked copy and mod, but no transfer. It's seemed a little different from a picture of a product on the wall, but not sure why it struck me that way.

This shows the size of the space..items for display go up to the ceiling and stretch back to the window. You don't get a sense that the space is crowded although some of those walls of pictures do kind of loom over you as you stand there. And you have to be good at camming to see them.

Another wallof things to buy..i liked the shape..

Another shot to show the size of the store. They have a lot of products and the store is divided into departments. There is a teleporter system to help ya move around which is very handy in that big space.

Here is Callie Cline's store. Another big space but this one is light and airy. It has a more formal feel with the magnificent staircase, the patterned wallpaper, the balconies.

There are several side rooms with different parts of the collection. You can see one in the picture below...the side room has an aqua floor.

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