Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JohnPathfinderLester's Channel - YouTube

JohnPathfinderLester's Channel - YouTube: 5 minute tutorial on Jibe

Jibe is a tool to build 3d worlds and embed them in web pages and Facebook. It uses Unity 3D for the front end. They connect to all kinds of databases for user registration. It looks pretty cool. You can host the world on Reaction Grid or on your own server (that would be more secure)

Anybody using this tool? web based MMO tool maybe? Might be a nice low cost tool for game development in school

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kim as part of the camp theme

I normally dress pretty conservatively in SL - not a lot of low cleavage or high cut skirts

But for the burn..decided to go crazy...and a bit scary.Check out that clinging boyfriend! The skirt is great flexi prims textured like spiderwebs. There are tons of attachments - flowers, a necklace, a skull/flower headpiece

I'll Die for You Dress by Vita's Boudoir and female metal skin by Yabusaka

Camps near ours at Burn2

There are such amazing builds at Burn2. Part of it is folks using sculpties *no mesh this year* and part is that we can use the new megaprims that LL introduced. So huge prims at low cost. As you can see in these pictures..people made good use of both!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Art Cars & Playa Bikes at Burn2

When i watched the live stream from burning man this year, one thing i noticed was all the bikes and how that just looked like the perfect way to zoom around the playa. Then there were the art cars - dragons and a tardis and a space shuttle...people are so freaking creative.

There are bikes and cars and the Burn2 event as well. Whooo Hoo. I blogged earlier about how we made cars and bikes. Here are some pics of me riding around the playa now that it's all open and full of stuff to run into and drive over *chuckles*



A side shot of my coffin car. Aren't the bat wings cool. Marc found these - they were full perm freebies
 An inside shot of my coffin car - Turns out it's not quite balanced..gotta think about that
 My teapot car..I like how the shine makes it look a little metallic
 My teapot car from a distance
 My marry-go-round car..the wall rotates (that's the go-round part)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Our Camp Got Finished for Burn2

We got finished. Whoo. Three levels with graphics and some freebies

Problems...there are a few
1. lag lag lag...takes a while for the textures to load, it's hard to move around, and music streams can't be heard by everyone at the party. SL has got to do something so events can attract more than a couple of people without everyone being stuck in lag soup.

2. Most people so far have been paying attention to the artists and scheduled music. I understand that attention..the art is gorgeous and well worth seeing. We had fun building...and that's all that's really important.

The first floor is the rites of committal...a passage tomb filled with items found in tombs in different cultures. There is a statue of Anubis, images of modern funerals, Indian cremation pyres, and Ghanese art coffins.

 The second level is rites of commendation...items and images of things we do to help the dead move on to or have a happier afterlife. There is voodoo and a senet game and images of the weighing of the souls by Anubis.

The third level is rites of commemoration...celebrations in honour of the dead. We have a family ancestor altar and images from the Day of the Dead and Asian festivals honouring the dead, including the Japanese Obon festival's ceremony with lit floating lanterns. There's a reincarnation wheel - click on it to see what you will come back as.