Monday, June 21, 2010

Minimal Store

The store is called Salt. A nice big building but very little inside..and a second floor that was entirely empty. I"m not sure what to make of store, store going out of business, store being redesigned.

It is really, really, really white - I mean like glow int he dark white. I did like the plants at the base of some of the columns - but kind of contributed to the abandoned store feel

In this picture you can see the fish pond that is right inside the front door and one of the few touches of color in the store, then a sign advertising the group gift, and then on the walls, panels with the items currently available - summery dresses. The group gift is a nice marketing tool - sort of a reward for letting the store send the customer periodic announcements and promotions. Most groups are free to join, but a few, where the store gives out really good or really frequent gifts, cost several hundred Lindens to join.

The panels on the wall in this fourth shot are the store's sale items - jeans and tshirts.


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