Monday, June 21, 2010

Some interesting product displays

THis store is called scribble - very monochromatic displays and decorations. The lobby/landing area is pretty much all black and shades of gray. I like the mannequins that you can see in the 2nd picture. They don't display clothes, they're just standing around.

The clothes at this store are the color. Many products are displayed on boards like you see in the next two pictures. The customer can pick out the color they want or they can buy what's called a fatpack - you get all the colors at a discount.

Beesides the boards with the color/fabric swatches as seen above, some products are displayed in niches and on shelves as seen below.

This store also has the wall of pictures kind of display that I've seen elsewhere. Their displays are different in that many of the images are "scribbled on" or seem hand drawn.


And another way to display - with little mannequin statues - gotta love the blue on the walls. That is the happiest color on the planet I think.

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