Sunday, June 20, 2010

A different look - no light woods here

Many of the stores I"ve been visiting have had light colored walls, light colored woods on the floor. Today I visited one that was very different as you can see in the pics below. As I explored I discovered that the store also carries antique furniture where the dark woods and stained glass make a little more sense and stained glass which explains its liberal use around the store. the walls are more crowded than some other stores I"ve been to also..need to think about how much content to display and how that affects the image people have of your store

The first pic is a shot of the outside of the building - i aimed a bit higher than the door to show some more of the dark wood, the stained glass and the tin ceilings inside thru the windows

They have a couple of interesting things at this store. They have 2 ways to teleport between the 5 floors of the main building and the out buildings around the island. The first one is's a big map on the ground of the sim. The user clicks on teh green dots to teleport to specific locations.

The second device is a sign that takes you to different floors of the main building.


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