Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A fair - the Zombie Popcorn Carnival

The Zombie Popcorn Carnival is closing today. It's a followup to the Zombie Popcorn Hunt earlier this year. A lot of the same stores pulled together in one spot.  Here's the SLURL:

I went earlier and forgot to go back. Took a lot of pictures. A variety of display options. And they had carnival rides, a maze in the fun house, and cotton candy. And a big soap bubble you can sit in (see one of the pics near the bottom of the post.

Most of the stores are set up in small tents. the ones below are stand alone in the middle of hte grass. There's also a ring of tents around the edge of the carnival field. They're small, small, small. Room for a few pictures, a few props. The one below for some reason had a pink hot rod.

Here I am standing in one of the tents..seems bigger when ya get inside (hmm..tardis tents?) This store has some items ont eh wall in small photos, a few medium size photos. and then a stepped set of shelves on the floor with lots of tiny pictures of products for sale.

Another tent with small images...and that's about all - just stuff on the back wall.

I just liked this tent. Fit in the carnival theme. Clowns. Scary clowns.

This little tent had a sign to go to the main store, they'd covered the floor with their store image, and covered pretty much every inch of the walls with product images. This store is in the row of shops along the edge of the field.

Promised ya carnival rides...

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