Thursday, July 15, 2010

OK - i gave in to peer pressure

Stiletto Moody's is a well known expensive shoe line in SecondLife. Expensive like 2000 to 4000 Lindens per pair. People swear by these shoes...and then moan about how it was sooooo worth it to get them.

They put up a pair of shoes as a group gift. I gather it doesn't happen very often. There has been an unbelievable crush of folks trying to get the shoe. For most of yesterday you couldn't tp to the sim where the shoes were. This was bad since they were also having a 40% off sale and lots of the faithful wanted to come spend money on new shoes. Today they moved the group gift shoes to their smaller boutique store. Here's is the URL of the smaller store -
They have a tp system to take you to the main store.

When it's not so crowded I will go back and take pictures of the store - big shoes on display, whole ranges of colors available.

Here are 2 pictures - close up of my feet wearing my first *and probably only* pair of Stiletto Moody shoes. They are really well made. You get 3 sizes for a good fit. Check out the detail on the streps, the highlighting, the rich color

And - unlike most clothes in SL - they have the brand on the shoe - there's a small heart on the sole. Very cool. And it comes with painted toenails...and toes *duh*

So what's this mean? Other than with a little pressure I can dress up and get out of my raggedy tennis shoes or green sandals? There is knowledge of brands in SL - people recognize the name of this shoe maker. People aren't turned off by having brand labels on their clothes. People are willing to pay an immense amount of virtual currency for a virtual good - or more specifically for a quality trendy virtual good.

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