Sunday, July 04, 2010

Display options

I went to a couple of sims of the Fashion Fair 2010. They have 9 sims all together. Here are some interesting display options I saw at different stores.

These dresses are displayed on mannequin cutouts - flat people shapes all in shiny black. They make the dress stand out. And i love the grouping. There's something powerful about seeing a whole collection in one spot. It makes shopping easier too because you can see all the colors. I'm sure the designer hopes that once you see all the colors you will buy two or three or four.

This next store was very under-decorated. Nothing on the walls or floors. There are cubes and sign boards filling the space. The cubes have pictures on all four sides so it's easy for the customer to see all the options by walking around. The sign boards had images just on one side. There was enough space between them for the customer to walk and move their camera to see better.

Shoe racks...They're deceptively narrow. From the front they look like traditional stepped displays. However, since the shoes are flat pictures, the shelves do not have to be very deep. From the side these displays are very shallow.  Users can see all the shoes though so it's another way to see a whole collection at once and compare features and colors.

Another display of a whole collection - one or two outfits and all the available colors.  easy to see all the options.

And a close up on the wall. Users just have to click on the picture of the color outfit they want to get the option to pay.

I like this wall. Big signs show the customer that these are the new items in the store and they're all pulled together on this wall. Each section of the wall contains one outfit in all the color combinations available.

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