Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Cute "store"....inside Peas

Not all stores are square buildings. Here are some pictures from Split Pea. This store is set up like a group of peas just out of the pod....the peas are hollowed out of course. Here are some pictures arranged from far away to closer up. The store sells women's clothing. It's a fun store, and the design is memorable. Each pea has just a few items in it, so it's easy to see what's available and kind of fun to climb up and down into the peas. The items are fun too. I have a dress from here named Olive Garden Tablecloth...because it has pretty stripes in colors that fit the color scheme of the Olive Garden Restaurant. It has a hat too..but seriously..I am sooo not a hat person (see the pics at the end for a giggle).

Here you can see a couple of the peas hollowed out.

You can see the peas are pretty big. There I am standing at the base of one of the ladders to a pea.

Here's a closeup inside one of the peas. The clothes are displayed on the walls as flat illustrations. They're touching the curved walls so they're at an angle.

Kim in the olive garden dress

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