Monday, July 05, 2010

Landing Zones - The Dressing Room

I really like The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue. A small always changing collection of very inexpensive items from a few designers. Shoppers can check out a designer with little financial risk (ignoring the fact that even an expensive dress in SL only costs a couple of RL dollars). THey can see outfits pulled together that they migiht never have considered on their own.

I also love the design, the look and feel, of the two stores. Very sparsely decorated. The objects for sale highlighted. Although occasionally I think something is decoration and it's really for sale. But I'm getting better at that.

They have themed landing zones for when people TP in. The first Dressing Room doesn't have a door so people don't walk in and out; this makes the TP zone an important part of the store. They're set off by curtains. There are some items for sale, the list of designers involved in the project.

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