Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Landing Zone and Lobby - studio M

Studio M is another pretty store. I admit to having a preference for light woods and smokey colors. I got a note card recently that the store was having a summer sail - almost everything marked down to $50L so I went back to check them out.

Here is a picture of the landing spot for the provided LM...it's outside, on the sidewalk, down a bit from the actual store. Very pretty blooming trees. There's an outdoor shop behind me there - an example of a store that doesn't look like a store.

Here's a picture of what I would call the lobby...a little seating, the store name on the wall, and 2 doors into the story proper. I'm not sure why this isn't the TP landing zone..might be a requirement of the sim to land outside.  I don't see things like store policies or a obvious group joiner (but i think that's what hte pictures are under the store name on the green wall)...It's understated, calm....maybe more like a real life store than many I've seen.

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