Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Then and Now - Changes in My Avatar

I"ve noticed that other SecondLif bloggers are posting pictures of their early avatars and their current avatars. In the early days I sometimes had pink hair and for awhile I had blue skin.

Here's a pic of me from probably early 2008 as my early picture and then a pic I took today. Glasses haven't changed but that's about all that has remained the same. I've learned a little more about taking photos in SecondLife, too - adding extra lights, for instance. Skins are now incredibly detailed - this one has freckles. The hair moves when i walk.

Do I look like either of these pictures? Nooo. I don't have the blue skin or pink hair from my even earlier pictureseither. But in SecondLife ou can look the way you want. So today..this is how i want to look. Who knows about tomorrow?

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