Friday, January 08, 2010

Mens Fashion Week in SL starts today

I'm not man and I don't play one on tv. But I have guy friends and guy students so I have an interest in what guys are wearing. And in some past semesters students have done really interesting projects on women's feashions. Maybe it's time for a group to look at men's fashion.

There's a whole sim set up for fashion week sponsored by KMADD. Here is a blog post with a schedule of events for the week: --- A lot of runway shows, parties, concerts.

I went to the opening runway show for Subversion Designs. Here are some pictures. I ended up sitting next to the designer - that was kind of exciting. The audience was really supportive. Everyone did some model ogling. And we all admired the detail the designer had put into the textures he used. The leather was especially cool to see.

The first picture is of the early crowd sitting at one end of hte runway area. You have to cam around to see everything. That was ok most of the time but occasionally lag would make it impossible to move even the camera.  That's me on the right - the girl, not the guy on the wall. The designer is next to me, to my right. Behind the runway area and around the sim are stores for each of the designers created specifically for FashionWeek so you can study the designs a little more closely and buy stuff.

Here's a down the main runway shot -nice lights and textures. They had a sound track going with just music. Someone in text described the outfits.

Here are a couple of pics of models on the runway. Things were slow to rez so some pics are fuzzy.

Then the sim crashed - guess we were all having too much fun. I"ll go to some other shows and post some more pics. Go back and check out the stores this week - there are free gifts for men in some of them. Unfortunately they're not usually transferable

The SLURL for the sim  is

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