Friday, January 15, 2010

At AgileWorld 2010 --- in SecondLife

I love not having to travel to conferences especially in the winter with travel delays, hot airports, and big bulky coat.

Rockcliffe University is sponsoring AgileWorld 2010. Good info about the agile software development process. I'm going to teach a bit about this in my business of gaming class this semester. So timely quality info

here are some photos for now. of the first session about the role of testing in Agile development. The speaker talked a lot abouthow agile is about collaboration ad that includes the developers/programmers collaborating with the testers. And turns out a ot of software testing is being automated - i didn't know that so have to check on those tools.



She had some testing resources to check out
Mike Coh's site -
Dawn Cannan (the speaker)'s site -
the agile manifesto -
Lisa Crispin -
Elisabeth Hendrickson -

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