Sunday, January 10, 2010

More pictures of me

Hey - it's my blog. And over the years I've got a few pictures of me in here. Think of it as documenting the changes my poor avatar has been dragged through.

Anyway - this is my new favorite outfit. I call it my "mullet" dress. OK - i only say that to myself, and usually only in my imagination. It's business like in the front and all party in the back.  I found some new hair I like too. Not something I'll wear around the students, but it looks really good dancing at a Dougie Moonites concert. And no - there are no pictures of me dancing. Ever. Anywhere.

So here it is - the mullet dress. I should mess around with lighting and stuff but wanted to post before I lost my nerve.

Front - I'm standing in front of the waterfall in my little house. The dress is this gorgeous dark gray sweater knit. So are the socks. The boots are soft black leather. What's not to like at that outfit, right?

Back -  Even better! I love the collar and the bit of shoulders covered.

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