Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some other stuff I did today in SL

I went to a couple of events that visually were very cool -

The first was an exhibit at an art gallery I like. the exhibit was about machinima. It wasn't a how to exhibit or here are examples kind of exhibit. They had video tetures all over hte gallery - walls, ceiling, floor - so that when you starting playing the machinima, it was everywhere. They even had a big ball in the sky theatre. It was like being inside a video kaleidoscope. Here are a couple of pictures. The machinima was filmed at a performance of Chicago at the Moulin Rouge. I tried to grab a pic with bright colors. Here the curtains are shutting at the end of an act. You can see the video on the wall in front of you on the small screen, on the right side of hte picture covering the whole wall, and on the rug.

Here's a picture from the top floor of the exhibit. The video is on the blanket on the floor, on the screen on the wall, and on the bedspread.

Here's a couple of pictures of the videoball in the sky. The machima plays all over the outside of the sphere and then is all over inside like being inside a giant kaleidoscope.




Then tonight I went dancing (again - no pictures of me dancing, I promise). The person hosting the dance was Tuna OddFellow. The music was...strange, irritating..The real reason we were all there was for the light show. Spinning graphics, particle effects, floating spheres




Shava said...

Hi, Kim! This is Shava Nerad, aka Shava Suntzu, Tuna Oddfellow's other half in Second Life.

The music is from SomaFM (http://somafm.com/) - their spacestation channel. People often enough play their own music on their computers if they don't enjoy the music from SomaFM.

We aren't musicians, we're visual artists -- but we feel strongly about creator's rights, and SomaFM is publicly supported Internet radio. We've talked to Rusty who runs the 15 or so streams there, and he gave us explicit permission to use the streams, and we know he's paying all the music creators. In exchange, we promote SomaFM to our audience. But we know it isn't to everyone's taste (really, in any venue, but especially in SL, nothing is! :).

We've done shows to ambient, 80s greatest hits, snarky holiday novelty music, live folk/blues, scratched live techno -- a wide variety of genres. But for our bi-weekly shows on Sundays and Mondays in SL we play Soma, and tell folks if they want, play their favorite music -- the show goes with anything.

Kim Gregson said...

Hi Shave - thanks for the info on the music. I will point my students to SomaFM when they need streaming music. I did exactly what you mentioned - i played my own music.

The visuals were stunning. The pictures hardly do them justice. I dragged a friend along to see it and sent out LM to some others. Hopefully I can catch the show again.

Thanks again..

Shava said...

Well, the Odd Ball is like a laser light show. When you photograph it, you really can't capture it. Even video won't catch it, because the heart of the experience is the immersion in the 3D space. But it does make good eye candy, even if it's not the same thing.

I tell people that a recording of an Odd Ball is like a tape of a Grateful Dead concert. It ain't like being there...:)

Be glad to see you back in the Tunaverse soon!