Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's It All About Alfie?

(don't know who alfie is, but it was a movie and song - so - there ya go?

For a class I teach students get to choose to make a blog, a webpage, or create an identity in a game like or

I know how to blog (duh) and how to make webpages. So I'm going to be playing in second life along with the students.

My character is called Kim Gretzky. I'll be posting about my experiences in the game, putting up some screen shots as I develop my character, and describing things I think are cool.

You can now make basic accounts in both Second Life and There for free. Seems like they're trying to attract new players - a try the basic level of services, get hooked, and hopefully you'll want more and be willing to pay for it. so far - I'm not willing.

I really like that you can build stuff in SecondLife. I found a sand box area near the welcome center where you can create temporary items. I don't own any land yet, so temporary creation is all i can do right now. I like to build big geometric shapes and then twist them. there are a lot of textures you can apply too - i like the tile patterns right now. But there's also dirt and water and twirly colors.

You can fly in second life. I like that a lot. It even makes a whooshing noise as ya fly. Cheesy realism. One of my students found a money tree while he was flying around. He also found a Batmobile - and he took it. I wonder if there is grand theft auto in the virtual world?

The next post - should have some screen shots. that should motivate me to "dress up" my avatar. I found a frog prince costume. That should be interesting

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