Friday, November 18, 2005

Playing in the sandbox

I found a new sandbox area on the list of most popular places - at least it was tonight. Here are some pics I took.

In the sand box you can create stuff. So far I just know how to build shapes. I can color them and give them textures. I can twist them. Above is a pic of a big ball I created. The texture is a floor tile from the provided library. You can tell it to apply gravity laws - i discovered i can sort of push it. I can pick it up and drop it to watch it bounce which is pretty cool.

Here is a pic of two shapes I created propped up against each other. I was trying to drop the point of hte pyramid into the circle and stick them together but that didn't happen. I like the texture on the pyramid - it's part of a waterfall texture but i changed the color from blue to green.

Here's me trying to bounce the ball i built - i can lift it up but not very high. when it drops tho - it bounces into the earth which is weird but then it comes on top and you.

All I can make so far is shapes. But check out these people - they have programmed scripts tomake the cows dance. There's music playing - tonight it was that theme song from the Six Flags commercials with the dancing old guy. All the lights flash and change on the dance floor. There are sparkles int he sky. It's very chaotic and really has no purpose except to show off what the owner can do.

so I made a box. A big box. And covered it with repetitions of a photo they include in the package. I wanted to make something big - some people have built buildings in the sandbox; all i can figure is that the public

I discovered that several dance moves come in the standard moves inventory. i neeed to take a couple of hours and check those out. Here's a pic of me dancing, which is hard to show in a still photo, but I was having fun.

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