Monday, November 14, 2005

Here's my avatar - well at least the way it looked when i started playing yesterday. I figured out some of hte camera controls and got it zoomed in a bit. I used the snapshot feature in Second Life to take the pics. It makes .bmp files so i had to edit them in photoshop - made them smaller in size and saved them as gif files.

I played with my avatar again. Someone gave me some free clothes. I was playing around with them and really liked the black leather look. I think in another life I was a biker chick. So I guess my avatar is going to play out that fantasy.

Here's a different view - i found a cool chair that you could snuggle up into. And you can see my cool leather pants. I think the black really looks good with the blue and pink.

I started talking to people too. I saw a guy practicing some kind of "magic" - scripted actions - to balance a chair in the air. It was in the welcome center.

One thing I noticed as I was flying around - there are a lot of empty areas in the world. I wonder how many people actually log on each day. And where they all go. That's my job this weekend I guess - find the people. And those junkyards I read about.

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