Thursday, November 10, 2005

Playing with the look of my avatar

I decided to play dress up with my avatar - some ofhte blogs i've been reading talked about how hard it was tso make the avatar look like the user. I look at my face everyday inthe mirror - I don't want my avatar to look like me. I want to look completely different. Then i can act however I want.

Anyway, I finally took time to play around with the settiings for appearance. II gave myself blue skin, not tooo dark but not light pastel blue either. And white hair. It has some interesting colorful undertones. And its all long and wild - in my dreams my hair looks like that

Picking out clothes is tough - limited choices int he pants -tight or tighter Actually there were some good choices - long, not tooo tight, not too wrinkly. I made mine out of brown leather. And my shirt is out of something called pink toile - looks like sunset clouds to me. So I'm feeling stylish.

So I've learned to get around in second life by flying and teleporting. Got my avatar looking snazzy (ok -I'm old so snazzy is apropriate). Now I have to get out there and talk to people. I want to try out some of the games. I hear (well, read in a blog) that somewhere there is a DDR game.

Using the menus to create the new look was kind of clunky - lots of choices, but you have to wait for htem to load before you see them. You change one little thing and the menus all have to update to reflect it and you have to wait. It's not too bad a wait, but still when the caffeine kicks in, I'm impatient.

One thing you can do with the Linden bucks you earn is to buy outfits so i might do that in the next couple of weeks to try out new looks.

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