Saturday, November 05, 2005


flying is cool - you watch the scenery sort of build up under you as you fly. there's the wind sound. you can rotate and hover.

But teleporting is cooler. I discovered some addresses in blog posts - for online class instructin stuff that I want to check out - and found the teleport function on the map. zoom - and away you go to the new location. It's disconcerting tho. You don't know how far you've traveled. You don't go right to the place you indicated - rather you go to the nearest teleport pad and you have to fly to your location, following the red beacon in the sky and hte red arrow.

Assorted stuff I noticed today:

1) All of a sudden, wherever I was (don't remember now unfortunately), the sun started to set. The sunset in the sky was really pretty. But then the world got dark and hard to see stuff. Signs glowed and were easier to find, but not so much fun flying around.
2) Where are the people? I can't figure out how to find people. I think it involves the map and scrolling. There's a popular indicator on the map and an event flag. SO I guess you ahve to be patient and just look around to find the typical hot spots.
3)Linden Labs has a plan for educators to use SL - for a semester you get a chunk of land big enough for events and for students to congregate. They hve alist of classes up too - quite a fwe about architecture which i thought were kind of neat. You can even buy your own island if you want to have private classes. I don't think I"m ready for that yet. But I am planning on putting 2nd Life into the curriculum for the spring semester. Be really good for when I'm at a conference or the weather is particularly crappy.

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