Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lag and its effect on conversation

So I teleported to the junkyard (see previous post) planning to check out free stuff. when i tried to walk tho - it was like molasses. I couldn't walk or fly. Just slow motion flaying. Then all of a sudden - poof =- i was walking - actually I was falling because when the lag caught up with me, i was supposed to be in mid-air. Talk about a wicked first step.

I got tothe junkyard - talk about visual overload. I'll have osme pics tomorrow - no time to do photoshop right now to turn the bmp's to jpg's. There were a few people talking but they were all noticing hte lag too.

Here's the problem - you walk up to someone you don't know and say hi. Then you wait....and wait....and wait. You don't know if they're blowing you off because you're a newbie or what. I think in this case - they still hadn't seen the message I typed. THen I'd have to wait for them to think of something cool to say and type it and then for the lag to clear up enough to send me that message.

Not exactly conducive to the conversational give and take that I think people re looking for in the world.

So - what are the rules for polite conversation in such a situation? How long do ya wait before you wander off to talk with someone else?

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