Monday, October 29, 2007

notes pt5

man - i think 2 and 4 are from teh same panel - gotta go back and look at that

interesting info from a guy from Turner - they're not cable channel anymore - they see themselves as content aggregators, goal is to build audience to sell to advertisers, they build groups of niche audiences

now with broadband content - can go after smaller niches, let in user generated content

content is not independent of time, space and device

communication, gaming, computing, broadcasting - all converginging

VW environments with built in social networking, multimedia tools, user controls

cool part - here's what Turner wants to learn from tehir VW experiments - how people socialize while using media, what's happening wiht contextual viewing, can they create virtual TV networks and watch how people watch it, what else they do while watching, see how they talk about the niche content

disney fireside chat - disney has a lot of online properties now -, toontown online, a faires world, there's a priates VW coming - and now they have club penguin
- story driven MMO - 1 endpoint kind of like a disney ride with structured activities and cooperative play
- Disney likes structured activity sites because audience mostly kids, Disney good at storytelling so gonna provide the environment to tell good stories, gets people deeply immersed int he brand (ex: Fairies - kids create fairies, publish it on the web, make a home page for their fairy - 3 million fairies created, get kids immsered int eh Disney created fairty cultures)

movie directors typically like the idea of virtual worlds because htey have whole worlds created in their heads for their movie - they have side characters and settings lots of things that couldn't fit into the movie - ex: John Lassiter from Cars)

(SL is unstructured space and people use tools to create structure and events, many people uncomfortable in teh chaotic situation)

cool space - story, balance of structure and creativity, people so steeped in story that they could create additions to the story that fit

not all business models good when working with kids, hard to advertise to kids, it has to fit the story, maybe microtransactions

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