Monday, October 29, 2007

notes pt 4 VW conference

panel about Entertainment - called It's a Game, It's a TV

people just want to be entertained, don't care where. the line between types of sties/media are blurring

people want stories, narrative, want to be involved
the question becomes how do we tell a story in environments that aren't really set up for that - we have to develop ideas about non-linear stories, open ended content so users can insert themselves into story - users want control not static sites, want content available when they wnat it (and htey really want it yesterday) and they want constant stream of new content

need compelling, fresh content
my friends need to be there so it's worth my (user) time
everybody (companies, users) have to be willing to experiment, take small steps

people like branded merchandise and don't care if it's officially licensed or not

VW - a communication medium where people can be together, it's experience not traditional story
stories have to be something users can have an effect on, so users can help determine outcomes, each persons story can be different

no good case studies for designers to show customers or management

problem - hard to scale VW up to large enough audience for VW to be interesting to advertisers, to make the development costs worth their while

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