Sunday, November 08, 2009

They survived - 24 hours of game making is successfully over!

The two groups both finished their games right at 2pm, 24 hours after their start. Each game had levels, theme music, obstacles, a win condition. One group kind of lost their way and need to do some rethinking, but their game was playable. The other group kept their original goal simple and tuck with it - although they did rethink how to program it about 2AM.

Here are a couple of screen shots:

Paradoxical Irony

Jimmy's Crusade

THe students are fixing a couple of last minute bugs they found when they played them. THen they'll put the games up on the YoYoGames website. WHen that happens I will put the links up so you can play them too. They're also supposed to give me some art and screen shots and post mortems. I'll post them too.

Here are some pictures of the students playing each others games. Everybody was offering advice on strategy and cheering as level after level was completed.



A reporter covered the event so if a story appears I'll link to it.I think everyone had a great time. We're all excited about going to the Global Game Jam in January 2010. THey learned to work together and draw on each other's talents.

A very successful first time event. Here's hoping for many more!

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