Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Game Jam is Still Going

6:30 aM - Sunday morning and the groups are doing good work. They have plans on the chalk boards and tasks are actually crossed out. Whew. One group has a (hand drawn and awesome looking) dinosaur skeleton in their background and it's called Jimmy's Crusade. The other group has a game name now - Pardoxical Irony.

The rooms look lived in - there are pillow and cups and RedBull cans and chip bags laying around. We even have one person asleep! (well - there were 2 but i got up a couple of minutes ago)

And here are people hard at work.


Sunday Noon - people are dragging. Turns out overnight both groups scrapped a lot of their code and came at their ideas in different ways. For one group it seems to be working out (Paradoxical Irony). The other group is having some issues. But nobody's throwing chairs or cussing more than normal. Jimmy's Crusade is pretty sure they lost the fun somewhere. We'll see here in 90 minutes. The art guys are cranking out some interesting assets - dinosaur and lunchboxes, water and animated fire. Here are some pictures from noonish.

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Dianne said...

So, I guess this means that what doesn't kill us makes us better game developers....? You guys are awesome. Can't wait to see the product of all that Red Bull, chips, Rogan's best, and -- of course -- raw, amazing talent. Dianne