Monday, November 09, 2009

LInk to the games from this weekend's 24 hour game jam

24 Hour Game Jam sponsored by the IC Game Developers Club
The grups had to make a multi-level game using this quote as a constraint - "If you follow all the rules, you miss most the fun". Both groups decided to use GameMaker, software from YoYo Games.

Paradoxical Irony
Team consisted of Ashley Alicea (art), Ryan Giglio (programming), Carson Kjep (programming), and William Sisskind (level design). They all worked on the basic idea and how to implement the constraint

Here are a few screen shots. More are available on request.

Team consisted of Corey Jeffers, Chris Hendrickson, Jymmy Hayes, Greg Schulz, Jacob Gergh, Megan Crosen


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