Saturday, November 07, 2009


From 2pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday, people are cranking out videogames at Ithaca College in a 24 Hour Game Jam sponsored by our IC Game Developers Club. 2 groups, 2 games. It's fun in and of itself. But it's also a warm up for the Global Game Jam in January that we hope to send a big group to.

They have to use this quote somehow in the game - If you follow all the rules, you miss the fun. It might be inspiration, might become a line of's up to the students.

Group 1 - Carson Kjep, Ryan Giglio, William Sisskind, Ashley Alicea
Group 2 - Chris  "The Guitar Hero" Hendrickson, Jymmy "Skwee-G" Hayes, Corey "Ronin-Rampant" Jeffers, Jacob "still thinking of a nickname" Gergh, Megan "Red" Crosen

We have the major food groups - salt, sugar, and soda. We'll be adding protein I"m sure (do goldfish crackers count as protein?) And coffee - probably lots of coffee.

I'll add pictures here and updates on their progress. If you're on campus, come check us out in Williams 218 and 219. If you're off campus, leave comments here and give us some encouragement. Saturday's pictures and updates are in this post. Sunday's pics and updates are in the next post -


 Supper break about 7 - pizza (the other basic food group). We watched some music videos for a mental break.

10pm - 8 hours in. The teams have levels being planned, characters being sketched and animated, and game mechanics being hashed out. Everybody is looking pretty energetic except our student in Italy who's off fora couple of hours of sleep since it's really really late there already - that's him in the skype box on the computer screen.

MIdnight - well - 1AM - everybody is still pretty much moving and working. We had to take a break for a Bombers party sub from Rogans. They deliver at 12:30. Very weird sammich too - philly cheesesteak and breaded boneless buffalo chicken strips. Now they've opened up the Red Bull. Ewww! That's all I have to say about that.

The art "departments" are cranking out sprites and backgrounds. The level designers are trying to come up with cool levels (these games have to have at least 3 levels). The programmers are trying to make GameMaker do what they want and that involves (as most programming does) a lot of cussing.


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