Saturday, December 13, 2008

The FCC talks about videogame addiction

Check out this blog post from Alley Insider - a board member of the FCC has pronounced that people are becoming addicted to WOW and that's making them drop out of college in droves. There's a link ot the FCC doc as a pdf file.

First - why in the world is the FCC involved with WOW? They don't have enough to do with melamine contaminated baby food? Talk about mission creep. Well - some kind of creep, that's for sure.

Second - bad research - there's never just one variable that explains anything involving human behavior. The comments point out that tuition increases are through the roof and that having a college education no longer guarantees a good career. Also very good explanations for why folks drop out of college. And my favorite explanation - a lot of people in college shouldn't be there in the first place so they get weeded out.
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