Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Notes from the VGXPO2008: State of the Industry panel

I left after about an hour - there were sound issues (in this case, the sound was set way too loud, as opposed to the game pitch session where there were no mics and everything was too quiet or the getting into the industry panel where there was a mic but lots of feedback - all headache inducing)

someone from Media Colition - they do legal stuff for hte game industry - 1st amendment stuff
someone from the ESA - the group that runs the E3 conference, also works against bad laws affecting videogames
Videogame Voter network - contacts members about upcoming legislation affecting the industry

some big topics - could be good for freshmen to make videos about and then to come back to in the business and law class as juniors - I put a post for later on the private blog

what's the image of the videogame industry in the wider world, mainstream media
music and movies look at videogame industry for ideas on how to survive/thrive, for stories, for places to distribute content

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