Thursday, November 13, 2008

Videogame News

Some interesting news and new news sources.

A new-to-me news source called Game Business Daily has editorials and news tidbits. It is very strangely (as in, difficult to read on my Mac running Firefox) formatted but interesting stories. They don't have an RSS feed as far as I can tell as of early November 2008. For instance check out their story predicting upcoming economic woes for the game industry - might be a bad time for us to start a videogame design major. Except as it points out, there are lots of new distribution channels, new kinds of games; we have to find a niche for our students to specialize in and/or give them a variety of skills so they can adapt to changes in the market to come.

Another new-to-me news source is Daily Warcraft - I'm not a WOW player but I know some of my students are; again I didn't see an RSS feed. The thing that caught my eye on this site is the ads for learning how to be a gold farmer. Ok - that's strange. It was there yesterday, had news about the maintenance downtime in fact. Now today - the day of the Lich King expansion release, it's down. Maybe too much volume. Worth trying later -
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