Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Board/Card Games - some we got, more I want

BoardGameGeekImage via WikipediaI bought 5 new card games for the games classes - different game play mechanisms, some interesting themes, some 2 player and some 3-5 player, some by well-known designers
We got
Pink Godzilla Dev Kit
Frog Juice
Monkeys on the Moon

And after reading some game play reports from the big board game geek conference in Texas here are a few more games I want to buy. Amazon doesn't carry them and funagain games doesn't have a persistent shopping cart so I'm going to put the info here till I"m ready to buy some more games

Eselsrennen - you race donkeys
Wasabi - a tile layiing game wher eyou're trying to build sushi
Cities - a tile laying game, can be played in about 20 minutes, builds on ideas (and meeples) in Carcasonne
Coloretto (tho the new game by the same designer Boss Kito is supposedly not good at all)
Code 777 - a dice game
Gulo Gulo - a kid's game about removing eggs froma bowl
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Christopher said...

Nice to see that you got my game (Pink Godzilla Dev Kit) for your class. Let me know what you think.

I like Monkeys on the Moon, BTW. Clever concepts supported by some decent mechanics. Perhaps a bit long for what it is, but well worth a try.

I was at bgg.con as well, and even taught PG Dev Kit to a few folks (as well as my latest game, North Pole, which is supposed to come out some time this winter/spring - or so they tell me).

I also bought Wasabi, which I think is a very solid game. Cities was much buzzed, but I didn't have a chance to play it. I've also heard great things about Code 777, and almost played it at the con, but didn't have a chance to. I've got Gulo Gulo for my 4-year old, and strongly recommend it.

I love Coloretto. A couple other quick card games you may appreciate are Knizia's Money and Bottle Imp (Flaschenteufel on the geek, I think). Bottle Imp is about the most ingenious trick-taking game this side of Tichu. Plays best with 3.

Christopher Rao