Saturday, December 13, 2008

SL Research Projects are In

Second LifeImage via WikipediaThe qualitative research class (2 sections) turned their final projects in on Friday. I"ll post some comments here about them as I grade and hopefully some good pictures that they took.

There were a wide variety of topics this semester - role play, sexual subcultures, drug culture live music, fashion, education, dating, how you learn appropriate social behavior, bar culture, religion, and sports. Each group did participant observations, content analysis, and interviews in SecondLife. They got some good interviews - store owners, people who work as DJs, preachers, people who build and invent things in SL...

I'm not sure we'll do again role play and sexual subcultures again because they are the hardest to get people to talk about. The role play people usually stay in character and don't want to be interviewed. The people actively having sex in SL are ... well .... occupied, and don't want to be disturbed by students (or anyone else for that matter) either. In each case, the students got good stuff, just not from the people actually heavily involved in the topic.

British pounds, Danish kroner, Euros, and Cana...Image via WikipediaSomeone suggested we add a topic about money for next semester and I like that idea - how people in SL think about hte in-world currency (do they actively try to earn money, what do they do with money, do they ever put in or take out real world money from the game...)
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