Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Qual Research in SL

Second LifeImage via Wikipedia The Qual Research students are voyaging into secondlife. Most seem to be having fun - they're anxious to play in class. I've seen a lot of them online and on the park island. ONly a few have reported tech problems. They asked me to put some free stuff on teh island for htem to try on. They're taking pictures as part of the tutorial and many of them have totally changed out of the default look. The book we're using has some interesting tutorials. This week they're doing one on going to the Spaceport Alpha - they practice teleporting and taking snapshots. Hopefully they did some of the cool activities.

Friday in class we're going to go shopping - that's one of the tutorials too. Everyone new in SL is interested in changing their appearance. Ok - not just new users. All of us. There are even classes on how to shop wisely. Since 2 groups are doing fashion I thought that would be a good tutorial to do.

What would I do differently? Not sure. There's so much to do all at once. Learn SL. Learn qual techniques. Practice techniques in the real world...I hope the book is helping - depends on if htey do the activities. I will build in more of the tutorials next time I think. Definintely need to find hair that can be shared before next semester.

Total aside - why does it think that joomla and programming and c++ are tags for this post. Weird.
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