Friday, September 19, 2008

Qual Class went shopping

I had the students do the tutorial from our SL text (by Brian White) about traveling and taking photos in world. The tutorial had them go to the International Space Museum on Spaceport Alpha. This was one of hte first places I went in SL also. They have an amphitheatre where you can sit and watch Nasa TV. They've had some good talks there too - including one about Santa and space travel. Here are a couple of pictures the students emailed me of their avatars in various places around Spaceport Alpha. Most of the students have modified their avatars, chagned clothes, gotten hair. Some have gone all out and created whole outfits.

I thought $L200 would be plenty for students to do a little shopping. But they were looking at expensive hair and dresses. They'll have to put a little money in themselves if they want that. I did give the role play group a little extra since the costume to play in the hogwarts game was $L200.

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