Thursday, September 25, 2008

Peer Review Results

After the Introduction to Games and Society students created their podcasts, I had them complete a peer review of their teammates using a Google Form. Being able to give and receive feedback is a skill the game industry is looking for in their employees. I wanted to see how they did with the giving of feedback. I told them I would not share names , just general results. Here is my summary of the peer review results the students entered. Most of the students worked in pairs on the podcasts but some were groups of 3.

Peer Review Observation

11 people didn’t fill out the form – missed out on 10 points

Good skills people thought their teammates had

  • know how to use the media making software, how to edit
  • background/content knowledge, knew where to go for more info
  • work skills – doesn’t get distracted, efficiently finds the right info
  • creative, can improvise on camera,flexible, provides inspiration
  • good public speaking voice
  • good writer

Work Styles
7 plan ahead, 13 do assigned tasks on time, 2 do assigned tasks late and need editing

Could Do Better (both self and teammate)

  • start earlier, be more flexible in scheduling, use time more efficiently, be upfront about schedule
  • plan the project better, use a script, proof read before recording, be more organized, be proactive, better organization skills
  • speak up on tape
  • don’t try to do all by yourself, take turns better, everyone in the group should help and should talk on screen/tape
  • focus the topic earlier, be decisive
  • know more about how to edit so could help, know how to use the hardware
  • know more background info, know where to find more images
  • be assertive, communicate more/better especially at beginning

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