Thursday, December 17, 2009

Had some good presentations

We've had quite a few people drop by to check out the posters and presentations.

Here are some pictures. The first ones rae from the poster session area. The students for the most part created cubes and textured them with info from their reports. I discovered that most of them did not know how to use photoshop or GIMP so we had to make a quick detour into a few basics there. They uploaded their graphics, creating textures.






Here is a photo from one of the panel discussions. Their topic ws the newbie experience in SL. They created a new avatar and documented what they saw  in the first couple of hours. They had some suggestions for making the experience better for new users that might have been presented a bit better, but we'll work on that in the future. Their photos are now over in the poster session area.


We learned a few things for the future
  • get the windows up wiht the options to ban people from the island (we had a few griefers)
  • have a notecard for people to evaluate the speakers to give the students feedback (just like a real conference)
  • having the talks at different times works great. Students can work around their schedules. We attracted audiences from many time zones. We need to have some a bit more convenient for folks in Australia for instance.
  • students need to practice presenting in SL. Some got nervous and didn't talk long enough. One student turned to move his presentation slide to the front during a panel discussion and then forgot to turn his avatar back around to face the audience.
  • posters need marked out areas in which to set up. Ours got crowded at one end. This congests the visitors and it's hard to follow one presentation out of many conversations.

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