Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final version of the Game Design class games

Each of the 9 students in the class had to create their own unique videogame using the GameMaker software. They had to create the game, multiple levels, the art, and music/sounds. They're not all polished masterpieces. Each game represents the work of one single student for about 5 weeks - with help from their friends. They helped each other out with polishing ideas and debugging problems. They discovered that the design process takes much longer than they thought and the actual coding even longer that that. This was their first attempt at making a videogame. They're not completely satisfied with their games in some cases and i'd like to see them keep working on their games. But for the time they had and the fact that we sprung on them the fact that they would be working by themselves right as the project started, the games came out pretty good. There's an element of fun in most - and that's a big first step in making games.

Feel free to play the games on the site. You can leave the students comments there too or enter a review of the game. You can leave comments here too on this post and i'll pass them along. Just be sure to mention what game you're talking about.

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