Monday, September 12, 2011

What our camp looks like after a week

We're playing with our ideas and getting totally intimidated by the other builds around us. There are some amazing graphics and animations

We got our cloud wall going a little better, we're working on our cave shadows, and we have a sign with our camp name. We found an animation for sort of floating in limbo that we're playing with. We're researching traditions and holidays related to death and funerals. Whew..a lot in a week.

Here are some pictures.

A few from the side...still some construction scaffolding in place. You can see the cave, our "limbo" with translucent picture walls, and the start of our clouded "afterlife."

Here's me floating in the the clouded afterlife dome.

The front of the camp. You can see the cave entrance which is now all shadowy and, hopefully, spooky.  Actually this is version 2 of the cave. My burn partner Marc totally redid the sculpties for the cave and they look awesome. The cave walls are thinner so there's more room inside. I put up a highway sign with exits for death, limbo and the afterlife - our three levels. Right now there are a lot of things scattered around that will eventually end up inside when we get shadows fixed up. I found some skeleton sculpties and coffins.

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