Tuesday, September 06, 2011

One Last ArtCar

Burning Man 2011: The Man Burns!Image by Michael Holden via FlickrThe theme of Burning Man in 2011 is "Rites of Passage"

I made a coffin car, because our camp is looking at death as a rite of passage.

We were joking about cars and i wanted to make a merry go round..then realized that could also be "marry-go-round"...since marriage is a rite of passage

I wanted to build a car where the driver stood still in the middle and the passengers rotated around them.. Well......that made driving tough because the car didn't want to turn to the right when it was rotating to the left.

So..a few adjustments, some tweaking..and here is the latest and greatest version of the Marry-Go-Round. The driver and passengers stand still and the church wall rotates around everybody. I still need to make a veil for the bride

Want to see some cars from Burns past? Check out these pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dmom2k_darwin/tags/dmv/

Slide show of DMV pics

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