Saturday, February 13, 2010

Steampunk Store: Grim Bros.

I saw a link to the Grim Bros. store on the Search Spotlight in SecondLife and then saw it mentioend again in a blog i was reading. Decided to go check it out since some of my students are doing steampunk islands for their first observation. They describe the store as post-apocalyptical + grunge Fasion and Accessories. Here's the SLURL if you want to visit the store:

It was a huge space filled with clothes and gadgets for sale. I may have to go back and buy one of the mechanical hearts I saw to wear around final exam time when students think profs have no heart. . Below are some pics of things I saw.

The store called this the "Gifting Gorilla"

Pipes, exposed beams, and lots to buy

Front of an eyeball shaped security device in the store

Back view of the security eyeball - check out the bone leg and claw feet

I never did figure out what this machine was but there was an eyeball here too 
and lots of strange moving parts

A giant tophat wearing metal rabbit statue

And I got a free pair of skates - steam punk roller skates with tank treads instead of wheels. Very cool.

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