Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cool Building

I went looking for an art exhibit I"d seen in the search list and found this amazing building on Locus. It doesn't have a purpose except to look gorgeous as far as I can tell. It's so vary tall and light weight looking. Inside are lights, moving platforms, transparent floors. You can fly in and out, fall from the heights, and ride on the platforms. Move the camera around to get the full sense of scale in this building.

Here's a SLURL:

Here are some photos I took. Enjoy.


VIews up and down from my location in the middle of the building. That's me in my beat up leather pants and old school boots. I love that you can see thru and out of it. And transparent floors - you never know where you can walk safely and when you'll fall. Pretty and exciting..Just like SecondLife.



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