Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The re-enactment of the Henry the 8th coronation

I found some photos on my hard drive from this event. It was a hoot. It was fun to watch as well as colorful, historically accurate. They had definitely done their research. They had avatars for all the main characters who gave all the important speeches. They had clothes for the visitors so we'd all fit in with the event's theme. They even had a jousting tournament. The scripting for the jousting was amazing - it registered hits and damage and determined a winner.

Enjoy the pictures.

They had child avatars dressed up to match the actual costumes of children in the original ceremony. It's always kind of strange to see kiddie avatars, but these were necessary for historical accuracy.

Check out the background - that's a photograph of the real cathedral where the ceremony took place. Someone recreated robes, gowns and the crown.

They had a parade up to the church. We all stood outside to cheer as the king and his party approached the church.

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