Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whoa - looks what's in my SL backyard

I own a little piece of land all my own (not owned by the college). I build there, go there to stomp up and down when I'm aggravated, and invite people there to talk. I used to have a jungle gym like collection of platforms. Then this summer I built a cave (and didn't take pictures - what a dummy). I tore the cave down, smoothed out the land and built a cube house. I put in 2 walls of windows because the view was all open land. Here is a nitetime and daytime pic of my house, one of me sitting on the couch I made looking out the window behind me, and one of the sculptures I built there.

The view isn't all open and green like last week. I was working on the sculpture in my back yard and wham - a whole lot of vampire role play stuff appeared, including a castle, crypts, and a blood fountain. I haven't seen too many people yet, just some folks building. From their profile info they seem to be from Brazil. This could get interesting. They now own the land all around me, except for one plot right behind me, in a U shape.

I have ban lines around my property and so do they for the moment. You have to be on a list to come onto my property. I'm not sure what they're using. However in SL you can just move your calendar around to take a look so there's not much real privacy.

Here are some pics of the vampire stuff. In a couple you can see my little cube house in the distance.

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