Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another event - the annual conference of Netroots Nation in SL

They have some very specific events thata are in SL and RL that could be interesting. They're streaming their opening ceremonies and a speech by former President Clinton. There's a health care forum and a leadership seminar. Not sure how much interaction will take place between SL and RL but at least they have a variety of events.

Here are some pictures of the training area they have set up for new users - very impressive way to get noobies up and running.

Here are some pictures of the trade show area - vendors area.

And here are some pics of the space for the presentations and some of the avies who were there for the opening ceremony.Once President Clinton started speaking there were about 45 avies in the arena area.

The conference had a twitter link so you could tweet messages that would show up on the screen in world and in Second Life.

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