Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Building in SL

The students in the Critical Analysis of Games class started building in SecondLife on Monday. Whew - 26 students spread over our 2 islands trying to line up shapes. They came up with some interesting stuff tho. Here's a pic with a couple of their builds - one student built a table and a childs stacking toy. There's an ice cream in the background and several of our early experiments with shapes and texturing.

Here is a link to photos of the things they built (on Flickr) -

We will be building more things on the island. I think today we will pair up and try to build checkerboards. They'll have to think about the overall size and the size of the individual squares and they can use the position numbers to line everything up. Still trying to decide what to build next week - I want it to be something with a bigger group working on it . Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments - thanks!

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1 comment:

John Tegan said...

gah! The island looks like a big garage sale! haha

Need to talk to you soon about installing those TVs for putting up student projects. I rarely see you in SL anymore!