Friday, August 08, 2008

Here's what I bought in the vendor room at wbc 2008

Here's two photos from the vendor room at WBC 2008. Not as big as I expected but I overheard some folks saying a couple of companies didn't come - either some issue with the conference organizer or business difficulties or both. Some interesting vendors - war movies, lots of war games, some fantasy art, and a lot of dice.

I got a coy of Amazing Space Venture - created by a prof from Wilmington University in Delaware.

I got a copy of Race for the Galaxy - a card game where so much info is on the cards in symbols that they provide cheat sheets for each player.

And I got $21 worth of game making pieces - dice, markers, counters. Who knew there were so many kinds of dice, colors of dice. I got blank dice, dice with directions, dice with 10,20,30 instead of 1,2,3 and some poker dice (they have hands of cards on them.

I bought 2 copies (so 8 people can play) of the Championship Racing game - stockcars - - you battle with the cards in your hand from your deck that have stuff like pass inside, pull away, draft, challenge.

I bought Nuclear Proliferation and the expansion pack Weapons of Mass Destruction - up to 10 people can play it. This is a card game - you use your cards to blow up the other guys.

I bought Carcassone - one of the early eurogames. I think it was game of hte year in 2001. It has tiles you lay but none of thosepiles of little pieces.

I got Elkfest - because - duh - it's a game you play by flicking little sontes with your fingers. What a hoot!

I didn't see some of the other games I wanted - I"ll check on Amazon. I want Titan: The Arena or this similar game that has colossal in it. And I want that monster game. Insteresting game play - stomp cities, get mutated, launch armies...

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