Friday, August 15, 2008

Board/card games we own

German and English editions of Fluxx compared....Image via Wikipedia I looked for a mix of subjects and interesting game mechanics (tile laying, set bulding, bluffing, auctions, strategy vs luck). I tried to avoid the eurogames with 3000 little pieces that take so long to set up. I didn't avoid Eurogames, just the ones with lots of pieces. I looked for a variety of designers and publishers. We have games by Steve Jackson, Alan Moon, and Reiner Knizia. Several of the games have won Game of the Year awards, been on best games list, are best sellers. Some just struck me as fun to play.

CardGames (10)
  • I bought a card game that sounds perfect for the game design program. It's called We didn't playtest at all. The reviews were positive. And the company (Asmadi Games) is actually looking for people to playtest their games. which we might volunteer to do in the future.
  • We're getting Colossal: The Arena. (see BoardGameGeek)You pit monsters against each other. The cards are played in columns. The rules are a little complicated - a lot of strategy.
  • I ordered Munchkin (see BoardGameGeek) - a card game that lets you hack and slash and backstab your friends. Sounded like a fun big gropu game.
  • I ordered Queen's Necklace - set in Paris right before the Revolution (see BoardGameGeek).
  • Earlier I purchased Fluxx (see BoardGameGeek) - you play rule cards during the game and totally change the win conditions and mess up everyone's strategy; Set (see BoardGameGeek) - the rules say play it as a free for all, grabbing sets of cards off the table. Ouch!; and Flinch (see BoardGameGeek)
  • At the WBC I bought Stockcars: Racing Championships, Nuclear Escalation (see BoardGameGeek), Ticket to Ride (see BoardGameGeek), and Race for the Galaxy (see BoardGameGeek).

Board Games (11)
  • I bought Ticket to Ride (see BoardGameGeek), the board game, to go with the card game version I bought earlier.
  • I bought 2 that have auction themese - Nefertiti (see BoardGameGeek) and Hoity Toity (see BoardGameGeek). I played both at the WBC over the summer and liked the different game play.
  • 24/7 is an abstract strategy, tile laying game. Here's the info on it from BoardGame Geek.
  • Incan Gold (see BoardGameGeek) lets you play as a tomb explorer. You have to bluff the others, decide if you want to keep exploring or save your stuff.
  • I bought Sequence (see BoardGameGeek) at Target. You play cards to build sequences (duh) on the board. Kind of like Connect 4 - you have to have a strategy for blocking the other guys).
  • At the conference I bought Amazing Space Ventures (see BoardGameGeek), Carcassone (see BoardGameGeek), and Elk Fest (see BoardGameGeek)
  • We have one copy of Mancala and several checkers boards to use when we play with the treehouse pyramids.
  • I also bought Hey! That's my fish (see BoardGameGeek) and Blokus (see BoardGameGeek)
They're not all physically here right now, but hopefully by the 2nd or 3rd week of school. I haven't decided where they're going to live - we want to play them a lot in class on Friday's. You need to check them out for homework. So not sure if they'll go in PPECS or live in my office for now.
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