Saturday, August 18, 2007

Creativity Conference Wrap Up

Here are a couple of notes I made during the closing of the NMC Creativity conference held this week in SecondLife (it was amazing by the way - can't say enough good things about the organizers, the organization, the presenters, the presentations, the interactive workshops - all just too much for for words).

Creativity is (or is helped by) collaboration, conversation, conversation, community, complexity, connections, cooperation

when you're creative - it leads to more creativity

in SL we can share the output of our creativity with other SL users

for creativity to besuccessful - there needs to be an atmosphere of acceptance, of play, no restrictions, and tools that let you be creative

SL has the tools - gobs of scripts, building tools, ability to import textures and sounds and animations - we just have to learn how to use them and then get out of the way and let things happen

The teacher is no longer the sage on the stage or even the guide ont he side - someone said we should be the "meddler in the middle" stirring up students so they're more creative, putting out tools and letting them use the tools to learn --- we have to be willing to try new things, to change

One of the tools in secondlife is the ability to make movies, to create sets, costumes, gestures for your actors/avatars. It's a powerful tool - another place to tell stories, to express themselves. Here's the set I built for a machinima I want to make.

Another tool - the ability to build and script (program). Here's a shot from a workshop about live music in SL - we got instruments that have animations built in to make it look like we're playing the instruments

Lots of ways to be creative - theatre, poetry performances, live music, immersive environments, things to do, different ways to "be". You can even create a new culture - like the elven culture.

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